About Me


Hello, I'm KimberlyAnn Smith


Four years ago, I didn’t have the energy to do the most basic tasks in life. At best, I did some very light housework for an hour in the evening, and then I would collapse in bed. I spent my days sitting and napping in a chair, watching TV all day, because I didn’t have the mental energy and attention span to even read a book.  Our sink has two faucet handles – one for hot, one for cold. I couldn’t remember which was which. I had to turn on both faucets and wait for the hot water to come out to figure it out. I did this for nearly two years. This was alarming to me. People would tell me a story and I couldn’t recall the details. This made me feel insensitive and self-centered, so I would concentrate very hard to try to remember what they said, but I just couldn’t. Eventually, I gave up because it took up so much energy to try to pointlessly remember.

"There were days that I was so dizzy that I couldn’t walk."

At the time, I didn’t know that I had chronic fatigue. I thought I was just stressed out or worse, had dementia. Well-meaning friends told me that these were all signs of growing older, but I absolutely refused to accept that. My lifestyle as an adult had always included regular exercise and healthy eating. I knew my body and these symptoms came on too quickly and were too extreme to be age-related. I knew something was wrong, and it frightened me.

My chronic fatigue slowly took over my life over a period of several years. I first started to notice a change in my body when I had to drive 40 miles to my son’s piano lessons and absolutely could not keep my head from nodding and my eyes from closing while driving because of the fatigue. I had to pull over to take a little nap. I had to add this nap to our drive time.

How I got my


I knew that I had to do something, to figure out what was going on, so I went on a journey. A journey that led me back to health and high energy levels.


The first thing I did was to delve deeply into my life story to see what stories I was telling myself that were draining my energy. I looked at them squarely in the face and dealt with them, and then I let those things go. This healed my mind and soul.


I then engaged in energizing activities. I got rid of all of the punishing exercises I was doing and started doing the things that I loved. This gave me joy by bringing fun back into my life. I also balanced my hormones, which immediately gave me more energy and resulted in better sleep.


I also did nutritional tweaks, such as eliminating food intolerances and balancing my fats, carbs, and protein levels. I added more organic foods into my diet. This healed my gut, gave me healthier hair and skin, regulated my appetite, and so much more!


Transform Your


Today, I have my energy back. I live a full, happy, and normal life. I am so grateful to have even more joy and positive energy than I had before chronic fatigue knocked me down. My mind and body have been healed. I have also learned how to manage my chronic fatigue. 

If you are exhausted with chronic fatigue, I can help. I understand the frustrations, sadness, and confusion chronic fatigue can wreak on a person’s life. 

I have developed my signature RENEW! Your Energy Method to transform your health and energy levels so that we, together, can help you to have positive, high energy levels. 


There is hope. You can get your life back. Book a call today so that we can connect because you don’t want to waste even one more precious day suffering from chronic fatigue.

What will happen if you do nothing? If nothing changes for you, where are you going to be six months from today? One year from today? What will you be doing? How will you be feeling? I have recovered, and if I can do it, so can you!