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How Trauma Affects A Developing Brain

Trauma is an event that is so overwhelming that it exceeds a person’s ability to cope. This can happen in infancy. Unprocessed trauma as an infant causes lasting imbalances in a baby’s nervous system that inhibits the body’s natural ability... Read More

What Is Your Attachment Style?

Attachment: – the state of being personally attached: FIDELITY – affectionate regard – psychology : a strong emotional bond that an infant forms with a caregiver (such as a mother) especially when viewed as a basis for normal emotional and social development... Read More

Your Idealized Self: Fantasy or Nightmare?

Despite her busy schedule, she invited her three closest friends to lunch. As the day approached, she got out paper and pen to create a menu. “Let’s see, I’ll make homemade chicken salad, organic, of course. I will need to... Read More

Empowerment and Your Inner Critic

What is empowerment? Empowerment means having the freedom to live your life the way you want to live it. It’s having a sense of agency, which means taking responsibility for your life. It means paying attention to all that you... Read More

Stress Hormones: Friend or Foe?

It is a beautiful day for her family picnic. The sun is shining and there is a warm breeze gently blowing. Wafting towards her is the scent of lilac emanating from the bushes that line the boundary of her backyard.... Read More

Neurotransmitters: Your Brain’s Chemical Messengers

Everything that is psychological is biological. Symptoms, conditions, and diseases in the body may be caused by many different, and likely complex, factors. It is rarely just one system of the body that is involved. Everything in the body is... Read More

Brain On Fire: The Link Between Trauma and Brain Health

She doesn’t trust herself. More specifically, she doesn’t trust her brain. She has continuous brain fog which gets in her way. It causes her to stumble, stutter, and be confused. She notices it at work when she is talking on... Read More

On the Art of Lightening Up

“Why won’t I let myself be happy?” That was the question came out of her heart, down her arm, into her pen, and onto her journal. The question surprised her. “Good question,” she pondered. “Why won’t you? What is stopping... Read More

Where Is God In Our Suffering?

She found herself, once again, sinking into confusion and hopelessness resulting in profound sadness and overwhelm. When this happened, she’d call her former teacher. “Hi! How are you?” he sincerely asked. “Well, not that great. You see…” and off she... Read More

Ending Emotional Eating

It was the end of a long, stressful day. She was tired and wanted to relax and forget, so she grabbed a bag of chips, a large soda, and a half-empty package of cookies. She sat down on the couch... Read More