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Your Thoughts Matter: How Negative Thinking Affects Chronic Fatigue

A conversation between health coach Kimberly Smith and Mulk Raj, health coach and founder of Hope and the Magnolia. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Join my community? When exhausted women ask, “Why am I so tired all the time?” I help them to explore... Read More

You Are Not Your Symptoms or Disease

You may say: I am sick. I am depressed. I am so fat! Please know that you are not any of those things. Sometimes you can wrap up your identity inside statements such as these. Yes, it may be true... Read More

Hypervigilance: A Symptom of Trauma

Her mother-in-law was bed-bound in a hospital bed in her living room. She was in the next room, homeschooling her children. Her mother-in-law started barking orders. She jumped up and attended her mother-in-law. When she was finished, she went back... Read More

What Does Integrity Have To Do With Energy?

“I have neither given nor received aid during this examination.” This is the honor pledge that I wrote out and signed, by hand, after each and every examination I took while at college. Writing out the honor pledge was serious enough,... Read More