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Brain On Fire: The Link Between Trauma and Brain Health

She doesn’t trust herself. More specifically, she doesn’t trust her brain. She has continuous brain fog which gets in her way. It causes her to stumble, stutter, and be confused. She notices it at work when she is talking on... Read More

Trauma: Living In a Freeze State

She was twelve when her local middle school launched a new gym program. It was a rock climbing project they called “Project Alpine,” which included traveling down a long zip line. The process was simple – climb a tree with... Read More

5 Steps to Healing Trauma

Chaos. That’s what she was living in, especially the chaos that dwells in her head. She had questions: Why? Why can’t I do what I want to do? Why can’t I be the person I want to be? Why can’t... Read More

Fawning: A Trauma Response

She often feels like a stranger, trapped in conversations with people who say things she disagrees with, but can’t muster the courage to contradict. She is uncomfortable. She gets angry and antsy. She wants to scream, to escape and run... Read More

Trauma: Its Causes and Effects

Trauma is a wound that has a scar. Like a scar, it can be hard, it can suppress feelings, and it can be inflexible. People who have been affected by trauma may not want to dig deep because they are... Read More

Understanding Trauma

What is Trauma? Trauma is all about perception. It’s a perception that can be either conscious or subconscious. The word “trauma” comes from a Greek word that means “wound.” When you have received a painful wound, just simply touching it... Read More